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Conservation & Wildlife Management

Conservation & Wildlife Management

Scotland is renowned for its rich and diverse wildlife. Our members are actively engaged in a range of projects within Scotland to support the needs of the Scottish Biodiversity Strategy.

Our involvement is currently centered on the following projects: Saving Scotland’s Red SquirrelsScottish Wildcat ActionSouth of Scotland Golden Eagle ProjectHeads up for Harriers; Peatland ActionTrees for Life Caledonian Pinewood Project; and the Woodland Trust Scotland Atlantic Woodlands Project.

Wildlife management refers to a range of actions which include protecting wildlife; protecting species health and welfare; culling to limit spread; and management of numbers to reduce impact on habitats. Wildlife management is also about shooting, country sports and resolving conflict. 

Active and positive management to either enhance the survival and productivity of certain species, or to manage populations to reduce the negative impact on other species or interests is essential to supporting and enhancing the rural economy, people and nature. 

SLE members take great pride in their contribution to Scotland’s habitats and species through wise management and can be considered as “solutions providers” for the conservation of biodiversity and sustainable land use. 

Successful and sustainable delivery of wildlife management requires adopting a partnership approach and working together. 

Wildlife Estates Scotland

Scottish Land & Estates manages the Wildlife Estates Scotland (WES) initiative, which aims to promote the best game and wildlife management practices, build recognition and raise standards through the introduction of an objective accreditation system. Find more on our WES page.

Deer Management 

For information and advice on deer management in relation to Covid-19, click here.

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