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Moorland Management

Moorland Management


Scottish Moorland Group

Our moorland work is channelled through the Scottish Moorland Group, a part of SLE with an independent Chairman, specialising in grouse moors and issues around their management.  

The SMG is led by our Director, Tim Baynes,  who works very closely with SLE policy and regional staff.  SMG also directly supports the “Gift of Grouse” campaign (to promote the benefits of well managed moorland), and a network of seven regional moorland groups where moor owners, agents and keepers come together.

SMG is also closely involved with Scotland’s Moorland Forum, Working for Waders, the Partnership for Action Against Wildlife Crime, the East Cairngorms Moorland Partnership, Heads Up For Harriers and a range of other stakeholder initiatives to develop best practice.

Gift of Grouse

GOGThe red grouse – Lagopus lagopus – is the truly unique native bird of Scotland.

It is at the heart of the magnificent landscape that forms such a large part of Scotland’s stunningly beautiful scenery.

The splendour of Scotland’s renowned purple heather is the home of the red grouse – and this is where it gives in so many different ways. Tourism, employment, conservation and a gateway to the countryside - all of them directly benefit from the grouse.

Scotland is a world class destination for country sports such as grouse shooting which are now more accessible to people from all walks of life and are being enjoyed by young and old.

They appreciate and are passionate about the The Gift of Grouse.

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