Opinion and story pieces

World Bee Day - The amazing diversity of British Bees!

20 May 2020

Buglife Scotland Manager Suzanne Burgess shares a number of interesting facts about bees throughout the United Kingdom, their importance to the ecosystem and the work being done to combat declining populations. There are over 250 species of bee in the UK. This

Agricultural businesses urged to explore all financial options

18 May 2020

Graeme McNaughton, National Director for Barclays Agriculture, writes about the help available for agricultural businesses during the Covid-19 pandemic. These are incredibly uncertain times for most businesses, and agricultural businesses are no different

Cairngorms Nature Big 10 Days

14 May 2020

Our Environment Assistant Rebekah Strong writes about how the Cairngorms National Park is tackling the cancellation of a much loved annual festival due to the Covid-19 pandemic and turning it into an extended online event. The Cairngorms Nature Big Weekend is

Get involved in the #TurdTag campaign

28 Apr 2020

Our Policy Assistant Emma Steel highlights the increased problem of dog owners refusing to clean up after their furry friends and blighting Scottish communities in the process during the Covid-19 pandemic. A new campaign is urging the public to join in the

Information on Sub-meters

22 Apr 2020

Many members will have farms which have been merged leaving some farmyards to be repurposed or will have converted odd buildings into rural workshops and the like. It may be that such incremental developments have resulted in an accumulation of odd sub-meters

World Curlew Day

21 Apr 2020

For World Curlew Day, our Environment Assistant Rebekah Strong discusses Working for Waders and the work in progress to combat the decline of Curlew populations. If you are lucky enough to be able to take a stroll through the British countryside at the moment

Beware of scams during the Covid-19 outbreak

8 Apr 2020

A scam is a type of fraud where someone steals your money or information. The most common scams are online, but you can be targeted by post or with a text message or a phone call. Scams are among the most prevalent types of crime in the UK, and coronavirus is

Openness and transparency - the new Scottish Land Commission Protocol

6 Apr 2020

Our policy adviser Gavin Mowat takes us through the new Scottish Land Commission Protocol. At SLE we recognise the benefits openness and transparency, where greater clarity can reduce the potential for conflict and collaborative decision-making can increase

Changing the terms of an agreement under the Electronic Communications Code

19 Mar 2020

Operators are serving notices on landlords demanding new agreements at fairly nominal rents under paragraph 33 of the Electronic Communications Code. If a renewal cannot be agreed with the site provider, then that paragraph allows the operator to apply to the

Making Salmon Conservation a National Priority

3 Mar 2020

As a keystone species, the Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) has significant economic, social, cultural and environmental importance to Scotland. Salmon live in freshwater rivers throughout Scotland as juveniles, migrating to the North Atlantic as adults, before