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  • Episode 17 - In conversation with: Lesley Mitchell of Whitriggs Farm, and SLE's Sarah-Jane Laing, Nic MacLeod and Stephen Young on Women in Agriculture - Listen now
  • Episode 16 - In conversation with: The Scottish Land Commission's Bob McIntosh (Tenant Farming Commissioner) & SLE's Sarah-Jane Laing - Listen now
  • Episode 15 - In conversation with: SRUC's Prof. Mark Reed & WES's Caroline Pringle - Listen now
  • Episode 14 - In conversation with: Lantra Scotland's ALBAS winners & SLE's Hannah Lloyd - Listen now
  • Episode 13 - In conversation with: WES's Caroline Pringle & SLE's Calum Henderson on Wildlife Estates Scotland - Listen now
  • Episode 12 - In conversation with: Bidwells' Mark Myles & SLE's Sarah Madden on National Development Planning for Scotland’s rural areas - Listen now
  • Episode 11 - In conversation with: VELUX's Neil Freshwater & SLE's Lindsay Duncan on the Healthy Homes Barometer - Listen now
  • Episode 10 - In conversation with: Bidwells' Andrew Wood & SLE's Stephen Young on strategic planning issues - Listen now
  • Episode 9 - The special place of Scotland in the battle against climate change - Lord Deben - Listen now
  • Episode 8 - Climate change and the land: challenges and opportunities - Professor Sir Dieter Helm, CBE - Listen now
  • Episode 7 - In conversation with: The Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust's Ross Macleod & SLE's Calum Henderson on Auchnerran Farm - Listen now
  • Episode 6 - In conversation with: Bidwells' Andy Turnbull & SLE's Stephen Young on natural capital - Listen now
  • Episode 5 - In conversation with: FBR Seed's David Seed, Professor Russel Griggs and SLE's Sarah-Jane Laing on the future of rural businesses in the South of Scotland - Listen now
  • Episode 4 - In conversation with: Experts on the future of agricultural policy - Listen now
  • Episode 3 - In conversation with: NatureScot's Dr Mike Cantlay and SLE's Mark Tennant on the Shared Approach to Wildlife Management including rewilding and biodiversity - Listen now
  • Episode 2 - In conversation with: SLE's Sarah-Jane Laing and RHASS's Alan Laidlaw on land reform - Listen now
  • Episode 1 - In conversation with: Oxbury Bank's Nick Evans & SLE's Lindsay Duncan on financial management of your business ideas including diversification - Listen now