People Jobs Nature: A recovery-focused Parliament - 2021 Holyrood Election Manifesto



We have an opportunity to re-energise rural Scotland, for people, jobs and nature. Our members are ready to go. Keen to continue working in partnership with Government and communities. To drive a recovery, not just of the economy but also of our social structures and nature.

The pandemic has forced Government to be reactive and to make policy quickly. Now, as the vaccine is rolled out, we have an opportunity to take time and make evidence-based policy, to ensure that the next parliament puts in place the building blocks for our long-term economic, social, and environmental prosperity, and a nature-based recovery that reinvigorates our rural economy and businesses to save and create jobs. Allied to this there is a need to reduce the regulatory burden for business to allow them to flourish, and to enhance the lives of those in rural communities.

Rural life is integrated. The economic is often the personal. Rural policy, be it social, economic or environmental has to be viewed through the one lens. Much like a Rubik’s cube - changes to one element of rural policy impact other areas and it is important to take a holistic view to ensure that all areas can succeed and thrive together. In isolation, issues such as carbon sequestration, biodiversity gain, land reform, rural housing and land management policy cannot deliver the benefits we all want to see.

Our Manifesto will highlight the policy changes we need to help rural Scottish businesses, communities and our natural environment thrive.

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