Land managers plea for those visiting the Scottish countryside

Press Release

Please come and visit, but respect nature while you are here.

That was the message from land managers, farmers and rural businesses as pandemic restrictions are loosened across Scotland, said Scottish Land & Estates.

The rural based business organisation said their members looked forward to welcoming tourists and visitors from across Scotland but asked them to behave responsibly and to be cognisant of nature.

Sarah-Jane Laing, SLE’s Chief Executive, said:

“Our members have missed tourists and visitors and look forward to welcoming them back to rural Scotland as pandemic restrictions begin to ease.

“However, Spring is a very important time for nature and wildlife. We ask that all visitors to Scotland’s countryside take extra care.

“It is really simple to play your part in protecting nature. Everyone can take practical steps such as staying on paths and keeping their dogs on leads.

“Keep an eye out for ground nesting birds and lookout for signage that land managers and farmers install.

“We know that most people behave responsibly when visiting the countryside, but a small minority knowingly ignore the rules. That’s why as part of SLE's manifesto ahead of the election we are calling on parties to update and raise awareness of the outdoor access code and to increase punishment for those who callously endanger and damage nature and wildlife.”