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The James Hutton Institute
01224 498 200
The MacRobert Trust
01339 881444
The MacRobert Trust is the proud keeper of an historic legacy left by their founder and benefactor Lady Rachel MacRobert that is focussed on her interests, those of her husband, Sir Alexander and in memory of the tragic loss of their 3 sons, the youngest losing their lives within 5 weeks of each other during WW2, serving as pilots in the Royal Air Force. The Trust is centred on an Aberdeenshire estate that not only has farms and forestry but commercial and residential property as well as a 4 Star Country House Hotel – Douneside House, Lady MacRobert’s former home and gardens; the Trust’s profits each year are granted to charities across the UK reflecting those family interests in the military, education, Science and engineering, agriculture & horticulture and youth, as well as the estate’s local area and community. So many estates strive to be exemplary and live up to the SLE’s Landowner’s charter and the MacRobert Trust endeavours to be amongst that leading group and that is why it is proud to sponsor the HiH awards in general and, noting the fundamental importance of local community relationships, the particular “working with communities” award.
The Tweed Foundation
01896 848 271
Provides sound, scientific information upon which freshwater fisheries management is based in the River Tweed System. Provides a range of biological and environmental consultancy services for both the private and public sectors in the Tweed District by a highly trained and experienced team of biologists. Services include: Full biological surveys; Environmental Impact Assessment surveys & monitoring; Scale reading; Catch data analysis; Fisheries Management planning advice; Fish rescues; Data storage & mapping advice; Bespoke data collection for specific tasks.
When the sky is no longer the limit.
Thomas Haywood Aerial Photography
07968 085609
Experienced, expert drone photographer and videographer. Get a bird’s eye view of your estate, land and buildings. Allowing you to capture otherwise unreachable and unattainable images. It’s perfect for taking detailed, informative pictures for building and land inspections. I also offer 3D mapping and typography models that can be used to map and plan drainage systems, depict size, terrain, points of range and much more. Enjoy fantastic marketing images and videos that sell, promote and really capture your estate, land and setting. Over 10 years of drone photography experience. I’ve aerial shot many estates, historic sites, commercial buildings, farms and property. I have also worked on several films and TV projects.
Kenneth MacKay
0131 225 8705
Our experienced Land and Rural Business team have between them over 250 years of experience in delivering bespoke legal advice to a wide variety of clients. Whether you are a farmer or landowner or you run a business in the rural sector, we can provide solutions to overcome whatever you are faced with. We can guide you through the traditional areas relating to the rural sector whilst also having detailed knowledge of newer developments like diversification and renewables. We have an in-depth knowledge of all the issues affecting the rural sector so that we can make sure you are always one step ahead.
Tilhill Forestry
01387 711 211
Tilhill Forestry has national coverage, with a network of local offices. We have local forestry experts because we employ more foresters than anyone else in the UK, so we can match individual foresters to our clients. We also employ a full range of specialists, from investment experts to ecologists. We carry out the full-range of forest management and timber harvesting services, but can tailor our service to match your requirements. Call Alex MacKinnon on 01387 711 211 for more information.
Transtech Ltd
01631 720 699
Since its establishment in 2006 TransTech has offered services for businesses and individuals who require a knowledgeable and professional consultancy to ensure their projects are met with approval under environmental and ecological legislation. We deliver a range of environmental impact assessment work to comply with planning authority and environment regulator requirements. Our services include Flood Risk Assessments, Private Water Supply Assessments, Habitat (Protected species) Surveys, Discharge Modelling, Environmental Monitoring, Peat Assessments and Land Restoration.