Women in Agriculture Taskforce Report

Women in Agriculture Taskforce Report

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Commenting on the Women in Agriculture Taskforce Report, Sarah-Jane Laing, Executive Director of Scottish Land & Estates and member of the taskforce said:

“Speaking from personal experience, the farming sector can at times feel like an exclusive club where women only get limited access. We need to break down the barriers to women entering and progressing in the sector to make sure we don’t miss out on the huge wealth of talent from women and others who aren’t getting the opportunity to play a full part in farming. However, it’s not just about doing more to support women, we also have to tackle the negatives head on.  It is everyone’s responsibility to call out actions, behaviours or workplace policies that are unhelpful to women enjoying a fulfilling career in agriculture. Changes won’t happen overnight but if the sector is open to change, then I am confident that if my daughters & nieces want to work in agriculture, they won’t have to deal with the same negative experiences that many women currently experience.

“I was delighted to be part of the Taskforce and Scottish Land & Estates will be one of the first organisations to take part in the pilot training sessions on unconscious bias.”

The Women in Agriculture Taskforce was established by the First Minister at the Royal Highland Show in 2017 to provide recommendations on how to best ensure that women are better represented in Scottish farming.

You can read the Women in Agriculture Taskforce report on the Scottish Government website.