SLE statement on LACS trap report

Press Release

Scottish Land & Estates today described a report by the League Against Cruel Sports on the use of traps and snares as a ‘fundamentally flawed’ attempt to undermine grouse moor management.

Tim Baynes, Moorland Director of Scottish Land & Estates, said: “The traditional start of the grouse shooting season yesterday was a clear reminder of the social, economic and environmental importance of moorland management in Scotland.

“It’s good for jobs, communities, it provides habitat for a tremendous array of wildlife. Moorland managed for shooting also delivers multiple environmental benefits in terms of water quality and carbon capture.

“The use of traps and snares are vital land management tools to control certain species to protect livestock, crops, and wild birds. Their use is heavily regulated and specialist training is undertaken by land managers to ensure they are set correctly and lawfully. 

"It is sad that the LACS activists' report makes sweeping assumptions and calculations that are fundamentally flawed.”