Hen Harrier

SLE statement on Hen Harriers

Press Release

A spokesperson for SLE said: “Anyone with information on the location of these hen harriers should contact Police Scotland as soon as possible. 
“Neither Scottish Land & Estates, nor its members, were aware of these cases until the distribution of a press release. 
“Where a satellite tag stops transmitting, we cannot instantly conclude that the bird has been killed or harmed. Land managers across many farms and estates would have been willing to assist the search for these birds had earlier notification been provided. If any of these birds have been intentionally killed then that is unlawful and we fully support the full weight of the law being brought to bear on the individuals responsible.
“These cases readily highlight the need for greater transparency around satellite tag data. Nearly 450 days has lapsed since the tag on one hen harrier stopped signalling – information regarding this matter has now only been intimated for the first time in the week that a new anti-grouse shooting initiative is being launched. This has hindered the opportunity to establish exactly what has happened in this case.”