SLE pleased with Parliamentary progress of Livestock Attack Bill

General News

We welcome the progress of Emma Harper MSP’s Dogs (Protection of Livestock) (Amendment) (Scotland) Bill.

The Bill passed Stage 2 in Parliament with the support of both the Scottish Government and the Rural Economy and Connectivity Committee.

If passed at Stage 3 next month, the Bill will provide additional powers for the investigation and enforcement of the offence of livestock worrying and attack and increase the maximum financial and custodial penalties available to the courts.

SLE Legal Adviser Jason Rust said:

“We have been very supportive of the Bill brought forward by Emma Harper MSP and were pleased to see this Bill pass Stage 2 in the parliamentary process.

“Attacks on livestock are a huge problem for farmers. Current legislation does not give them enough protection. We are grateful that MSPs from all parties and the Government have recognised this as a pressing issue and committed to further action through this Bill.

“As a rural organisation we will continue to raise awareness alongside the Government and police, to ensure dogs are kept on a short leash when around livestock.

“The effects of livestock worrying on farmers cannot be underestimated – attacks on sheep and other livestock by dogs not only has an obvious financial and emotional impact on farmers when their animals are killed or injured, but also has an effect on the animals themselves, their productivity and welfare.”

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