SLE committed to working with partners following new protected status for beavers

Press Release

Beavers in Scotland will formally obtain European Protected Species status tomorrow (Wednesday 1 May).

The status is introduced simultaneously with a new management framework which is designed to manage the issues that beavers can cause for farmers and land managers.

Karen Ramoo, Policy Adviser (Access, Conservation & Wildlife Management) at Scottish Land & Estates, said; “Our focus is now on working with members and partners on implementing the management framework, ensuring it works for all land managers. We have a year in which to learn from experience and evidence before the review takes place, and we will try to make the most of that opportunity.

“We accept that beavers should have European Protected Species status, but it is important that the management framework operates in a way that supports land managers.

“A joint letter between SLE, National Farmers Union Scotland, Royal Zoological Society Scotland and Scottish Wildlife Trust set out the requirements of an effective beaver management system. We are confident that the framework meets the requirements of the letter, being practical and adaptable, and providing a range of management options and tools. Discussions between land managers, farmers and SNH have also helped shape the framework.

“We welcome the commitment given by the Scottish Government to ensure that Scotland has the most effective management and mitigation system, and that Scotland continues to learn from experience elsewhere.”

(Image: Paul Stevenson / Flickr)