Scottish Land & Estates statement on satellite tag

Press Release

Scottish Land & Estates (SLE) has issued the following statement in response to an RSPB Scotland press release regarding a satellite tag located in Perthshire.

Mark Tennant, chairman of Scottish Land & Estates, said:

“Where there is an indication that a wildlife crime may have been committed, we fully support a thorough police investigation and any perpetrator being brought to justice.

“However, what must be questioned is the blatant use of alleged incidents in pursuit of a long held political objective of licensing grouse shooting. It is more than four years since this bird disappeared and four months since the satellite tag is claimed to have been discovered. Collaboration and cooperation with estates and other partners in the local area over this period should have been the basis for finding out what happened the bird.

“This particular incident highlights the need for the control of satellite tags to be placed into the hands of an independent organisation and for that data to be shared publicly in real-time. The golden eagle population in Scotland is thriving, including on grouse moors where eagles pose little problem to land management activities. Tags will continue to be used in future years but as the eagle population hopefully continues to grow then it is correct that everyone has confidence in their use and how that data is controlled transparently.”