Scottish Land & Estates' statement on community ownership report

Press Release

In response to publication today (Friday, November 23) of a report by the Scottish Land Commission on community land ownership, Scottish Land & Estates issued the following statement.

Sarah Jane Laing, executive director, Scottish Land & Estates, said: "Community ownership of land and property can deliver positive outcomes for rural areas and forms an important part of the mix of ownership that is necessary to help communities thrive.

"Sitting alongside private and public sector ownership, community ownership should be seen - as this report highlights - as a means of delivering social and economic progress, rather than an end itself.

"Our members contributed to the research that informed this report and we agree that community involvement and ownership should be part of longer term planning, rather than a reaction to events and circumstances. We also agree with the report’s view that appropriate support needs to be available after land has been transferred to a community and our members are very willing to share their experience and knowledge of land management.  

“We firmly believe that community ownership is more likely to be successful where there are constructive discussions and negotiated sales and those with an interest work together to achieve a shared vision."