Scottish Land & Estates statement on Buccleuch tenant farming commissioner report

Press Release

Scottish Land & Estates has issued the following statement following publication of a report by the Tenant Farming Commissioner on Buccleuch’s negotiations with agricultural tenants.

David Johnstone, chairman of Scottish Land & Estates, said: “The Tenant Farming Commissioner’s report should be seen against the backdrop of government and the agricultural sector being united in their desire to phase out Limited Partnership agreements.
“Buccleuch is one of the largest agricultural landlords in Scotland and ending their Limited Partnership agreements meant they were negotiating with a large number of farmers at the same time.

“We welcome the fact the Tenant Farming Commissioner found that Buccleuch acted in compliance with agricultural legislation and were credited with trying to find alternative solutions for tenants on Limited Partnership agreements.

“We agree with the Commissioner that there are lessons to be learned for both landlords and tenants when negotiating the towards the end of fixed term leases and there should be as much clarity between parties in relation to their expectations.

“The sector has worked hard to develop a range of codes of practice and it is important that all involved - landlords, tenants and their agents, should strive to adhere to the spirit and letter of these codes.”