Protocols for landowning charities and trusts provide opportunity to enhance engagement

Press Release

New protocols for ownership of land by charities and private trusts can aid effective engagement with communities, Scottish Land & Estates said today.

The good practice documents, issued by the Scottish Land Commission this week, set out expectations relating to transparency, accountability and governance of land owned by these vehicles.

Gavin Mowat, Policy Adviser (Rural Communities) at Scottish Land & Estates, said:

“Land in Scotland is owned by many different entities, whether it be it individuals, public bodies, communities, trusts or charities. It is important that the engagement with communities is considered across these different ownerships.

“The new protocols set out guidance for how those involved in charities and private trusts could engage in decisions relating to land appropriate to their circumstances. Many of the recommendations chime with the Landowners’ Commitment we published in 2014, especially with regards to openness and transparency of ownership.

“It is important to note, however, that trustees of charities and private trusts need to adhere to many different acts of legislation governing their actions. It is important that trustees comply with their legal duties first and foremost prior to making decisions in accordance with the new protocols.”