Opportunities for all to help Scotland's covid recovery and to tackle climate change

Press Release

Scottish Land & Estates has responded to a call from Community Land Scotland for new land reform measures to tackle recovery from the pandemic and address climate change.

Sarah-Jane Laing, chief executive of Scottish Land & Estates, said: "Demands for a further tranche of land reform legislation demonstrate greater concern about ownership rather than how land is best used. Private owners across Scotland are already helping government to increase forestry, provide clean energy and restore peatlands to lock up carbon as well as continuing to supply rural housing, local jobs and produce world-class food and drink and tourism experiences.

"Rather than talk about threats, there are huge opportunities for private, community and public landownership in Scotland all to play a role in helping rural communities and the wider nation to recover from the pandemic and deliver benefits from investment in natural capital.

“It is little over five years since the last Land Reform Act was passed by the Scottish Parliament - many aspects of this law have yet to come into force and no evidence has been produced to show why further legislation is needed. The recent Scottish Government attitudes towards land reform survey found only 17% of respondents suggest inequality in land ownership is the biggest challenge for the future of Scotland’s land - behind climate change and building on greenspace. The same survey also found a desire for the costs and benefits of Community Right to Buy purchases to be assessed."