New protocol on land management welcomed

Press Release

A new protocol which aims to promote good stewardship and high standards of land management across Scotland has been welcomed by Scottish Land & Estates today. 

The best practice guide has been published by the Scottish Land Commission (SLC). Scottish Land & Estates is part of the SLC Good Practice Advisory Group, which provides information to help draw up the protocols.

Gavin Mowat, Policy Adviser at Scottish Land & Estates, said:

“Land in Scotland is owned by many different entities, whether it be it individuals, public bodies, communities, trusts or charities. 

“The new protocol sets out how landowners and managers can continue to deliver mutual benefits and enhance land for future generations. Our members who are landowners and managers make significant contributions to Scotland’s economy, environment and rural communities through producing food, providing housing, creating employment and wildlife conservation. It is extremely important that landowners and managers have the support and information they need from the SLC and others to continue this crucial role.”

The new protocol can be viewed on the SLC website.