Land Managers are Crucial to Delivering Cairngorms Vision

Press Release

Land managers are crucial to deliver positive outcomes for people, nature and place, Scottish Land & Estates has said after submitting its views on the Cairngorms National Park Authority’s proposed five-year National Park Partnership Plan.

The Plan covers all areas of life and work within the National Park, from conservation to land management, local communities and the economy to tourism and recreation. The objectives and actions set out within the Plan will influence land management practices in the National Park area for years to come, and will undoubtedly influence policy and practice throughout Scotland.

While much of the proposed plans have been welcomed by SLE whose members will be key to delivering the aims and actions, it has also raised concerns that some proposals may reduce the ability of land managers to deliver positive outcomes for people, nature and place.  

Commenting, SLE Chairman Mark Tennant, said:

‘‘The National Park Partnership Plan is of great importance to SLE members who reside and work within the Park’s boundary.

‘’On the whole, we feel the proposed plan is a progressive document, with many objectives that will ensure that the economy of the Park continues to grow, as well as retaining its status as a key visitor destination within Scotland. We also believe that some of the proposed policy changes will enable nature to continue to thrive in the Park, with land managers being at the heart of wildlife and habitat conservation and restoration.

‘’However, we are concerned that some key objectives, especially those found under the “Nature” banner, seem to move well beyond progressive policies without robust evidence or clear policy rationale, and may adversely affect the ability of land managers to deliver positive outcomes.“

SLE Policy Adviser Lindsay Duncan added:

‘’The consultation process has been excellent and we urge the CNPA to continue this positive and inclusive approach as the Park Plan develops. Our members are key delivery partners across the majority of actions and objectives contained in the Plan and they look forward to doing their part to continue to enhance the Park over the coming years and beyond.

‘’Nevertheless, there are real concerns that the shared vision of a Park which delivers for nature, people and place would not be delivered if some policies as currently drafted are progressed. In addition, we feel that the targets and indicators for some outcomes are not effective measures of success. Our detailed response below highlights our concerns as well as suggesting alternative approaches.’’

Click here to read SLE’s full consultation submission.