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Land for Housing Report published by Scottish Land Commission

General News

The Scottish Land Commission (SLC) has published its Land for Housing Report, which sets out their proposals on how increased affordable housing can be delivered across Scotland.

The report details five proposals, each of which are designed to reform the existing approach to land promotion. These are as follows:

  1. The creation of a network of “place pioneers
  2. Designation of Regeneration Partnership Zones
  3. Introducing new approach(es) to land value capture
  4. Creation of a new public land agency
  5. Introduction of a new transparency obligation.

Whilst we welcome the suggestion of greater transparency within the housing land market, we are concerned that other suggestions may disincentivise landowners in bringing forward potential development sites to the open market. We will continue reviewing the report and will respond to the SLC in due course.  

If SLE members have any thoughts or opinions on this new report that they would like to share with SLE, please direct them to our Policy Adviser Lindsay Duncan at

Read the full SLC Land for Housing Report.