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Implications of Agriculture Bill on Scotland need to be understood

Press Release

The publication of the Agriculture Bill provides a degree of clarity on the direction of travel for UK farming – but more discussions will be required to understand the implications for Scotland.
That was the message from Scottish Land & Estates today, with the rural business organisation again reiterating the need for progress to be made on common frameworks alongside the development of post Brexit policy for Scotland . 
David Johnstone, chairman of Scottish Land & Estates, said: “We are now less than 200 days away from Brexit becoming reality and like every sector, farming and other land based businesses across the UK are anxious to learn the fine detail of what the future will hold in terms of trade, labour, regulation and support.
“The publication of the Agriculture Bill moves the dial on somewhat, however, we need to review the Bill provisions in significant detail to understand what it means for Scottish farmers and land managers.
“The published Bill represents a clear direction of travel towards public goods for public money, which is something we support– but this must be coupled with increased business competitiveness and resilience. We would like to see this replicated by the Scottish Government as part of a more holistic approach to land use north of the Border to prevent farming, forestry and other land uses being compartmentalised in individual silos.
“We will continue to represent the interests of Scottish land based businesses with DEFRA and MPs as well as continuing our ongoing dialogue with the Scottish Government as we seek to establish the landscape for farming in both 2019 and into the next decade and beyond.”