Large pile of flytipped rubbish on private land

Flytipping – last chance to tell government your views

General News

The Scottish Government’s National Litter and Flytipping Strategy consultation closes on Thursday 31 March 2022. We will be submitting a full response to the consultation which is quite detailed and covers 33 key areas.  SLE members are strongly encouraged to respond to the consultation directly. There is no need to complete every section.

Three key messages

The three key points we will be raising throughout our consultation response are:

  1. Updated legislation is needed urgently. The proposed timeline is too slow, with some practical initiatives not currently timetabled for six years.
  2. We want tougher penalties which better reflect the seriousness of the crime. The proposals in the consultation document are generally weak and the penalties suggested will not be a sufficient deterrent to flytippers.
  3. Victims of flytipping should be supported. There is nothing within the current proposals which would adequately support and recompense land managers who have to deal with the problems of flytipping.

Consultation responses can be made online or by using the template provided by the Scottish Government, all of which can be found on the Scottish Government website.

Send us your flytipping photos

Thank you to all the land managers who have sent us photos and details of flytipping on their land. We will use these case studies on social media, when speaking to the press and in our consultation response to the government. There’s still time to send us your flytipping examples at