Aim to Sustain members in united response on transition to non-lead shot

General News

Two years ago in February 2020, nine shooting sector organisations including SLE announced the intention to make a voluntary transition from lead shot to alternatives over a five year timescale

Earlier this month, the RSPB and the Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust (WWT) wrote to those organisations, complimenting the sector on its approach but asking them to support a statutory ban on lead shot. This is seen as unnecessary and unrealistic, so a joint response was coordinated by the shooting sector representative body “Aim To Sustain”.  

This response reaffirmed the commitment to encourage members to move away from lead shot but stressed that the sector has adopted a voluntary approach and that it would be sticking to the five year timescale which is necessary to change practices and cartridge manufacture methods.  Restrictions due to Covid over the last two years have not helped. The full response can be read on the Aim to Sustain website. This was one of the first examples of concerted action by the sector under the “Aim to Sustain” banner and a template for future work.