Helping It Happen

Our campaign to highlight how landowners and rural businesses across Scotland play a key role in helping rural Scotland thrive

Helping It Happen

HIH LogoWelcome to Helping It Happen - our campaign to highlight how landowners and rural businesses across Scotland play a key role in enabling and supporting success in rural areas.

Helping it Happen tells the story of exactly how estates and rural businesses are involved in projects large and small across Scotland, and will hopefully encourage more activity of this kind. You can browse our full library of stories at the bottom of this page. 

Helping It Happen Awards

Our national Helping It Happen Awards recognise the role of estates, farms and rural businesses in enabling and supporting success in rural areas helping rural Scotland thrive. The awards are generously supported by The MacRobert Trust.

Nominations for our 2019 Awards have now closed and we will be announcing our finalists shortly. Tickets for the Helping It Happen Awards Dinner can now be bought online

We are delighted to confirm that Anne Lundon, presenter of BBC’s Landward, will host our 2019 Helping It Happen Awards. An experienced journalist who was brought up on the Isle of Lewis, Anne brings a unique view of rural Scotland to her work at the BBC. Having covered everything from golden eagles, to  mountain rescue, to an in-depth tour of the North Coast 500, Anne is passionate about everything rural Scotland has to offer.

We have 9 diverse categories in our Awards:

Tourism Award sponsored by GLM
Tourism is the heartbeat behind many of Scotland’s farms, estates and rural businesses, providing jobs and bringing visitors to eat, shop, stay and marvel at what Scotland has to offer. This award recognises those rural businesses who are providing first class attractions and accommodation. 

Rural Business Award sponsored by Turcan Connell
This award recognises the innovative, diverse and even quirky business opportunities being grasped by a range of estates and land-based businesses across rural Scotland. 

Rural Housing Award sponsored by Velux
In some rural areas, private rented accommodation is often the main, or only, housing option for many. The aim of this award is to highlight those who are providing vital high-quality housing in rural Scotland.

Conservation Award sponsored by Anderson Strathern
This award highlights best practice in conservation work across Scotland, where land managers and rural businesses are protecting some of Scotland’s most iconic species and habitats for future generations to enjoy. 

Education Award sponsored by Lycetts
The role of education is of critical importance, and this award recognises those who are reaching out to future generations to pass on key rural skills and who are enhancing the opportunities for learning in Scotland’s rural communities.

Iver Salvesen Green Business Award
Our Green Business Award for those who are committed to enhancing their environmental and social credentials and working to lower their businesses environmental footprint.

The MacRobert Trust Award for Working With Communities
This award recognises the rural businesses, land managers and estates who are actively working alongside their local communities to deliver change that supports everyone both now and into the future.

Innovation in Farming Award sponsored by Douglas Home & Co
Our Innovation in Farming award recognises those who are doing things differently, no matter what size or scale of farming is being carried out, whether that be in diversification or the introduction of new or exciting farming techniques.

Enhancing Our Environment Award sponsored by Scottish Natural Heritage 
Scotland’s world beating rural landscapes and natural heritage have long been a major draw for its own people and visitors alike. This award recognises the fantastic projects, both large and small, helping to bring in tourism and fight against climate change.