Helping It Happen

Our campaign to highlight how landowners and rural businesses across Scotland play a key role in helping rural Scotland thrive

Helping It Happen Winners

Helping It Happen

HIH National awards


Our national Helping It Happen Awards recognise the role of estates, farms and rural businesses who are helping rural Scotland thrive. 

Whether it's through providing affordable rural housing, supporting local businesses, or working with schools to support rural skills, Helping It Happen highlights the achievements of the forward-looking businesses who are making a real difference.

If you’re interested in entering our 2020 Helping It Happen Awards, take a look at our list of categories and how to enter!

Winning the SLE Helping It Happen Award for Tourism in 2017 was a pivotal moment for us. It was the first major recognition we had received for the business we had created and it gave us the drive to keep moving forward.

Errichel House & Restaurant, Tourism Award Joint-Winner, 2017