Working with local businesses

An increasing number of people seek to live their lives more consciously, placing emphasis on healthy eating and, wherever possible, using sustainably sourced products. At SCHLOSS Roxburghe this is not a trend, but a way of life. Our commitment to the environment and sustainability is incorporated into our day-to-day operations. Know where it comes from: SCHLOSS Roxburghe is committed to this philosophy, and guests can experience the highest provenance of food from farm to plate.

Our team of chefs actively forage the grounds of the estate for as much produce as possible. They then bring it to life with culinary delights inspired by a passion for Scotland’s abundance of fresh produce, meat, fish and game. Whether in the restaurant, in one of the bars or lounges or even at the Golf Club, our food philosophy is consistently present. Additionally, we strive to source our produce from in and around the local area, working with local suppliers to support local businesses, whether it be a local supplier of tomato's, potatoes, meat, fish or Jam. If the product is not available locally we will always source wherever possible from Scotland, making the best use of Scotland's natural larder and using the freshest local produce. The focus of the food concept is 'estate to plate', with full food provenance shown on all our dishes. We source our game from the estate and to take the concept to the next level we can provide guests with the full experience of ‘estate to plate’ where a guest can see the journey from the hunt, through to the kitchen and finally to the table.

In Spring and Summer Elderflower from the estate is used to create syrups, ice cream and sorbet, in Autumn and Winter elderberries are sourced on the state and used for vinegars and syrups. And for something a little special, Damascene rose is used to create a magnificent rose jam. From mushrooms to wild garlic, we make the best use possible of the produce that grows naturally on the estate.

With a strong focus on conservation and sustainability we find innovative ways to utilise any excess produce, preserving through pickling and fermenting to reduce and keep waste to a minimum and in turn contributing to the healthy environment we live in.

As a business that welcomes guests from all over the world, it is our duty to show and share with the world what Scotland has to offer.

Additionally, we support the local community in employing local people across the estate. In fact, one of our employees was approached by a young man selling tomatoes from the local area and we have supported him in his endeavour. We also provide education and stages (internships) for young people who want to progress in the culinary industry and learn about our food concepts and philosophy.

‘Estate to Plate’ is centred around sustainability and conservation for the area and community in which we live as well as providing people with the opportunity to sample Scotland’s finest and freshest ingredients.