Westfield Farms

Westfield Farms is a family run business based near Inverurie, Aberdeenshire, it has three established businesses, Westfield Spelt, Ola Oils and The Greengrocer. The business was started by John and Connie Sorrie and now involves daughter Chloe and son in law James and son John and daughter in law Ellie, who are all involved in different aspects of the businesses and they currently employ eleven local staff.

Westfield Farms is focussed on creating innovative and nutritious produce. We are principally farmers who have diversified our services to add value to the goods that we grow.

In 2008 we were the first in Scotland to bring cold pressed rapeseed oil to the market with the launch of Ola Oils. With half the saturated fat and ten times the omega 3 compared to olive oil, the product has grown in popularity since its launch over a decade ago. From sowing the seed through to its harvest and the finished produce we are involved at every stage. In 2009 we started to include infusions such as lemon, garlic, basil, chilli and rosemary. We then introduced  four salad dressings in 2010, followed by chilli jam, marinades and sauces. Ola Oils have won many regional and national awards over the years. We have kept the business sustainable and we are passionate about keeping our products niche by selling only to independent stores and restaurants. 

We purchased The Greengrocer in 2012 and immediately  put our own stamp on the business with a full shop refurbishment, rebranding and adding a niche shopping experience for our customers. The Greengrocer boasts an array of speciality foods, produced locally, including fruit and vegetables, organic, gluten and dairy free products, deli and refreshments sourced from independent producers from across Aberdeenshire and Scotland .

Our vegetable boxes are extremely popular with customers ranging from Inverurie to Aberdeen and surrounding areas. They are custom made and are increasingly popular with customers looking for fresh produce, some of which is picked that very day and delivered to their door step. Our customer base has increased significantly since taking over the shop in 2012 and we now deliver more than 400 boxes per week. The shop has generated some great social media interaction with customers. We have over 8000 Facebook followers, with an outstanding 4.9 out of 5 rating. This is a testament to our wonderful friendly and knowledgeable staff who really  know about the products they are selling. The focus is on encouraging customers to get back to supporting local retailers and producers.

We were inspired to grow and produce Westfield Farms Spelt Flour due to the demand for speciality flours stocked in The Greengrocer. As we were the first in Scotland to grow Spelt no seed could be found in the UK so we had to further our search to mainland Europe. Spelt is an ancient grain and has a hard outer husk which must be removed before it can be milled. John designed and built a bespoke dehulling machine on the farm giving us not only the sole crop of Spelt in Scotland but the only dehulling machine as well. After the Spelt is dehulled it is then sent to Golspie Mill, the only commercial water powered mill remaining in Scotland, to be ground into flour. Spelt flour is higher in protein than wheatflour and has a different gluten structure . 

Working as a family team,  we have been able to really drive the business forward, each bringing something different to contribute to its success. We look forward to continue growing the business alongside the family and we fully anticipate It will be looked after by generations to come.