Twin Peakes Fly Fishing

Twin Peakes Fly Fishing is the brainchild of twin brothers Alastair and William Peake, who inherited a love of fly fishing from their Grandfather. Both brothers are employed by the Humphrey family on Dinnet and Wester Coull Estates, and through ghillieing found a passion for teaching casting and getting new, especially younger, people into the sport.

After passing their Scottish Game Angling Certificate qualifications in 2016, the brothers realised there was a market for their style of teaching, and opened their own Casting School at Dinnet Estate. With top fly fishing brand Loop Tackle and the estate supporting them, the brothers have helped introduce hundreds of complete novices to fly fishing. With the stunning backdrop of upper Deeside, but being in close proximity to the small town of Aboyne, local hotels and holiday cottages have started recommending the School to their clients, and business is flooding in.

As well as running as a business, Alastair and William have been keen to give back to the sport and local area. Working closely with the River Dee Trust to provide fishing opportunities; and their teaching expertise to the younger generations and lady fishers has become an important part of what they do. The estate is seeing a return on its investment too, with both the Dinnet and Aboyne Castle beats fully booked at present. Despite a general downturn in visiting anglers to the area, a large number of rods are being filled by people who have come through the Casting School.

William says; “What we’ve found really popular is people having an evening’s introduction to salmon fishing with us, and then we book them the next day on a local beat. While they’re still novices they arrive ready to fish in the morning with knowledge still fresh in their mind and all the equipment they’re going to need.”

With fishing in Scotland seeing a decline in fish numbers, an influx of keen and educated new fisherman is what we need to ensure the future of both salmon fishing as a sport and also the rural businesses that rely upon it. Business' like Twin Peakes Fly Fishing and estates like Dinnet working in a forward thinking partnership are certainly doing the wider angling community a great service.