Sustainable Management at Roxburghe Estates

The Roxburghe Estates is one of the UK’s leading landowners in sustainable land management delivering significant environmental, social and economic benefits to the Scottish Borders community.

Renewable energy and renewable heating projects lie at the forefront of the Estates activities and act as the platform for wider sustainable benefits.

Roxburghe Estates, in conjunction with EDF ER, facilitated the development of Fallago Rig Windfarm in 2013 with output of 144Mw resulting in a carbon saving of 159,000 tonnes per year. It was the first major landowner to establish an innovative community environmental fund and to make a substantial contribution of £120k pa. to the fund, matched by EDF ER. The Fallago Environment Fund, managed independently by Tweed Forum, has awarded grants of over £1m for 53 projects to 1st March 2019. Details of some of the projects and grants are attached.

In addition to the major renewable energy project at Fallago Rig, the Roxburghe Estates is actively promoting renewable heating projects on the Estate. In autumn 2015, the biomass heating system for Floors Castle was extended to supply renewable heating to the Roxburghe Estates Offices and to five houses at Floors Home Farm. At the end of September 2016, a major investment was made in a new wood drying facility at Bowmont Forest incorporating a 400Kw biomass boiler at a cost of £221,000. The wood drying and chipping operation at Bowmont Forest utilises low grade softwood timber from the Roxburghe Estates converting this to woodchips for renewable heating installations on the Estate and to local customers. The business operating as Floors Forestry, relying on sustainable forest output from the Roxburghe Estates, is now one of the major local woodchip suppliers producing 3,000 tonnes annually. It supports 2 full-time jobs. In addition to the woodchip operation, the Estate is also replacing oil-fired boilers in larger residential properties with biomass boilers. A programme of new installations is being undertaken and wood pellet boilers have been installed to several houses.

The Roxburghe Estates has made a substantial contribution to renewable energy and renewable heating demonstrating its strong environmental agenda. The projects undertaken have helped support other investment on the Estate with wider economic benefit and the contribution towards the Fallago Environment Fund has delivered considerable environmental, social and economic benefits to the Scottish Borders.