Strathmore Rugby Club


Strathmore Rugby Club has served the Vale of Strathmore since 1933, reaching across boundaries, urban and rural, with at its heart the value of community. The team are committed to go above and beyond the day job as a rugby club, living by a code ‘to do the right thing’.  Strathie has supported its wider community to provide for mental and physical health, invest in young and old, recognise challenges wherever and whatever they may be. Through the core values of rugby the club above all values people demonstrating in the clearest terms that Rugby is a sport for everyone.

A Rugby Club should by its ethos encourage a strong community which, along with mutual respect and discipline define the sport. When the chips were down and our community faced real adversity, the club never hesitated to step up. This included ensuring the most vulnerable were not isolated during the pandemic maintaining communication links and even creating Virtual Hospitality boxes which allowed members to come together to watch what fixtures were being played. Even International players logged in to join the chat.

Whatever was needed, the Club were on hand. During Storms Arwen and Corrie which left many households across the Strathie Region without power for days, Club facilities were opened up thereby offering a meeting place, light, heat and warm showers. Just one of many fundraising efforts instigated by the club provided the £10,000 to fit out and buy the equipment needed to allow a family to bring home their child from hospital after a catastrophic mountain biking accident left him with life changing injuries. Most significantly, in order to reach out to as wide a community as possible, the club created The Strathmore Community Rugby Trust which has grown to be an award winning charity with first of their kind programs including Autism Friendly Rugby for Under 12s and The Rugby Academy for Secondary School pupils across the region.

Strathmore Rugby Club engages with local schools, businesses and organisations across the region to provide a variety of opportunities to the wider community and by coordinating with other stakeholders such as Angus Alive the drive is unending in finding pathways to support physical and mental health.

Examples include Tartan Touch promoted by SRU and delivered free of charge every Tuesday evening hosting regularly 60 plus people of all ages and abilities to come together and have fun. The Club celebrates that it is all inclusive and every penny raised through subscriptions, sponsorship, sales and revenue are invested directly back into the club and the people.

The facilities are now the best in the region, and continue to grow and develop in order to further expand what the club can offer back to the community. Even the Club minibus is part of a project at the local high school which teaches vehicle maintenance and servicing.

And as no rugby club would be complete without a pitch, nestled within the Forfar Loch park, the club’s home at Inchmacoble maintains two full sizes pitches sat next to the loch and surrounded by woodland supporting wildlife and a natural environment providing a perfect backdrop to the health and wellbeing promoted by the club.