Senwick Alpaca Trekking

In 2013, we (Nicola and Paul Sanderson), made the move to Scotland and the bonny Galloway coast to expand and develop our stock rearing enterprise. However, as the future of the CAP was up in the air, and as new entrants to Scotland, out minds were focussed on how to make our farming business more dynamic in the present and secure for future generations.  Whilst developing our sheep and beef business and diversifying into laying hens we decided  also to make the leap into agri-tourism and leisure in order to strengthen our position against the ever changing tide of traditional agriculture.

Having purchased two alpacas as flock guards in 2015 the idea to halter and walk with these amiable and funny creatures was born having come across the idea on the internet, where else! We are naturally blessed with beautiful and ever changing landscape that takes in coast, hills and green fields. Coupled with our position on the Solway coast, just 10 minutes out of Kirkcudbright, ensures a steady stream of tourists during and beyond the summer season making us perfectly placed to develop a unique and exciting experiance.

Guests are invited onto the farm in mixed or private groups to enjoy a relaxed walk through our fields accompanied by their alpaca pal.  Being nosy, curious and funny creatures much hilarity often ensues along with a sense of calm and well-being as guests take a step back from busy lives and emerse themselves in the beauty of the Galloway countryside.  Since it's inception in 2016 as the first alpaca trekking centre in Dumfries and Galloway we have continued to expand and develop the business year on year. Not only do we now offer treks but we have developed and delivered corporate away days, host youth groups, nurseries and schools, alpaca therapy and wellbeing  walks.  We can also take out alpacas out into the community and have taken the boys to care home visits that have proved a particularly beneficial stimulant for residents. This year will also see us dip our toe into the world of accommodation with our unique architect designed artists bothy due to be installed in the autumn, a move that would never have come about without our experience of delivering alpaca trekking.

The trekking has delivered the objective of strengthening our business and has set us firmly on a path to future- proofing the farm with a dynamic and developing agri-tourism enterprise that works hand-in-glove with our traditional livestock farm.