Scourie Community Development Company

SCDC aims to deliver sustainable project and developments for the benefit of the local community and visitors and thus bring about regeneration. The group has built a sports pavilion used by shinty and football teams and for for the summer gala. The local primary school uses it on a regular basis. Many paths in the extensive network have been upgraded as has the pier. Before Covid 19 the development of a new visitor attraction Scourie Rocks was a priority. However since March 2020 all effort have been diverted to ensure that everyone in the community has been supported.

Covid 19 brought challenges with most communities accessing tonnes of food and produce from CFine and going out of date food from supermarkets. However, due to the fragile nature of the only local village shop it was agreed that to protect the shop the community food larder would be established inside the shop. SCDC and the shop agreed the food for the larder and each week the shop buys the necessary goods. This way fresh meat and vegetables are available along with tinned and dry goods and households necessities. The items have a SCDC label put on them and an area of the shop is given over to the community larder.

Local people then choose the items they need and they are put through the till as normal. The receipts for these purchases are then given to SCDC. The shop also receives a weekly fee for managing the service. The larder thus provides for those people in food poverty in the community in a dignified way in accordance with Scottish Government Good Practice Guidelines whilst at the same time ensuring the shop does not go under.