Rural Communications


Rural Communications facilitate rural regeneration through technology. They provide connectivity for challenging and rural locations and contribute to advances in decarbonisation and the just transition to net zero through collaboration with other experts. They set out to establish sustainable business systems, which are now built into their culture including: a presumption for paperless and a commitment to repair, repurpose, reuse and recycle to lead the way in setting an example of what can be done to implement the circular economy in technology. Their innovation and commitment to the rural community allows people to feel supported “every step of the way”.

Rural Communications was formed in 2020 during a pandemic to meet the unmet need for connectivity and support in rural and challenging locations through dedication and innovation. The founding of Rural Communications was an alternative to a move to a city and a way to create new jobs and support rural communities with something that was needed, which was a challenging and innovative strategy. They aim to help rural communities, boost the rural economy, create jobs, provide training opportunities, and operate with a sustainable and ethical approach.

Not only do they offer a mentoring programme to leaders of rural businesses, and are members of the Rural Mental Health Forum, but they are also members of the Scottish Tech Army providing free support and advice to third sector organisations. Rural Communications support teaching staff from local schools to improve their internet connection to allow teaching from home during the pandemic, and support local businesses working to recycle and reuse ICT equipment as part of their commitment to the circular economy.