Rural Business Successor

Rhidorroch Estate

Kim Scobie is the third generation to take on Rhidorroch at Ullapool. Rhidorroch Estate is situated in the north-west of Scotland, not far from the beautiful fishing village of Ullapool.

Kim, only recently turned 30, has taken on the day to day running of the estate with her partner Charles and is aiming to continue to improve the estate with its thriving mixed model: sheep and cattle, rental property, Agri environment schemes, native woodland, access paths, self-catering cottages and a serviced lodge house for sporting and recreational holidays.

The Estate featured a network of well-maintained tracks for both walkers and bikers. From the outskirts of Ullapool, Rhidorroch's eight-mile-long private estate road runs through Glen Achall. Long and flat, this quiet route provides peaceful, easy walking for all, safe cycling for children and a great track for runners.

Red and sika deer, cattle, sheep and unusual birds can be seen close to the road, river and lochside and on your passage through areas of rare Caledonian pine and mixed woodland. This abundance of wildlife is also a huge draw for visitors, appealing to photographers and bird watchers alike.

Grazed farmland, open moor, rocky hillside, peat bog, woodland, sand, shingle – such variety within the estate is more than matched by the multitude of flowers and trees that the land supports. All the colours of the Highlands can be seen at Rhidorroch. White-topped cotton grasses, butterwort and sweet-smelling bog myrtle thrive in the rain-fed peat bogs. Heathers, wild berries, foxgloves, wild roses, bright yellow gorse and broom, rare orchids, alpines and mosses.

The woodland in the glen largely comprises silver birch, alder, rowan, aspen and ancient Caledonian pine. The estate is active in replanting native trees and, in particular, the Caledonian pines: Rhidorroch is home to the most north-westerly native Caledonian pines in the country and is continuing to germinate and grow these rare and beautiful trees from their own seed source.