Rosset Bespoke Butlers

Rural Scotland represents a personal passion, an exciting place to run a business and home to Rosset Bespoke Butlers CEO Simeon Rosset.

After nearly 20 years as a butler, Simeon has worked in and managed more than his fair share of castles and estates. With a client list that includes billionaires and celebrities; 5 years ago Simeon decided to change focus from London to the Scottish countryside. 

Simeon continues the story: 

For many years I had been travelling with my clients to Scottish shooting estates and I was always enraptured by the beauty of the place and surprised at the lack on infrastructure to cater for high profile clients visiting Scotland. When I later married a girl from Paisley I made a plan. 

My mission statement was to revolutionise the service on offer to international HNW tourists by providing world class butlers, chefs, household and hospitality services to even the most remote areas of Scotland. We now look after clients from Melrose to Elgin including some of the most beautiful and famous estates in Scotland. 

I wanted the company to be ethical and supportive working with landowners and the local community to use local people and resources instead of relying on shipping staff and provisions from London which seemed to be the usual practice on many estates. 

We now have a large team of staff and contractors and offer a variety of services including a butler school and consultancy service. 

I am very proud of the money and skills that we bring into the rural Scottish economy that would otherwise be going to London or abroad.