Penicuik House & Café

Penicuik House is one of the finest examples of a Neo Palladian Mansion in the UK and now lies in a magnificent and safe state of ruination. It was saved from demolition by the Clerk family, Penicuik House Preservation Trust and the Heritage Lottery Fund. This has attracted hundreds of thousands of visitors to the beautiful parklands over the last 7-8 years and more recently has been the catalyst for the Penicuik House Café which was opened in July 2018, already employs 13 people (all from the town of Penicuik including two chefs) and champions produce from Scotland, Midlothian and the estate itself wherever possible. The café and the estate plays host to a huge number of events ranging from small to large throughout the year. The Waster event attracting more than 5,000 people over the weekend. 

The Penicuik House Ranger service also use the café as a base for their community work with volunteers, disadvantaged people, children with learning difficulties, dementia walking groups and conservation projects. 

The Penicuik House Café has gone from strength to strength in it’s short life and continues to grow organically with a strong focus on supper local business, local communities and attracting tourists from further afield. None of this would have been possibly without the foresight of the Clerk family and the (PHPT) Trustees.