Peatland Restoration at Farr Estate

Many Scottish Estates are at the forefront of major Peatland restoration projects up in the Scottish Highlands. The aim of peatland restoration is to enable carbon sequestration, habitat improvement and restoration of uplands.

Peatlands are vital to reducing the effects of climate change. In the UK they store over 3 billion tonnes of carbon with more than half found in Scotland and they represent Scotland’s single largest carbon store on land. They also provide a habitat to a variety of specialist plants and animals, can reduce flood events, provide clean drinking water and are an asset for sporting managers.

Government policy is in place to reduce carbon emission by 80% by 2050, and restore 40% of the Peatlands by 2030. 

Farr Estate have been taking part in moorland restoration for years, keen to work together to keep the beautiful Scottish landscape in the best condition possible, and conserve the wild spaces that are vital to so much wildlife, so future generations can enjoy them.

Philip MacKenzie of Farr Estate said: “As well as carbon storage, this innovative partnership project will provide a wealth of benefits to both people and animals. The work will help to enhance the precious home of rare birds, mammals and plants”

Jenny McCallum of Tomatin Moorland Group, which represents many of the estates undertaking the work in the Monadhliath, said: “These crucial projects will help to restore and conserve these uplands so that future generations can enjoy our amazing peatland and blanket bogs. Estates in Tomatin have adopted an innovative, collaborative approach to conservation, at landscape-scale, to achieve significant benefits”.

The various peatland restoration projects will play a crucial role in meeting the Scottish Government objectives and reducing further carbon loss. Many estates are keen to play their parts, with Garrogie, Alvie, Pitmain, Farr and Glenmazeran Estates in the Monadhliath and Invercauld, Candacraig, Mar and Glenfeshie Estates in the Cairngorms all taking part in similar projects.