Pat Wilson Farms Lochrosque

As custodians of the land with a responsibility towards enhancing and protecting the landscape, Lochrosque Estate pioneers land management diversity in Wester Ross. Through the extensive restoration of over 1000ha of degraded peatlands, a broad range of native woodland projects and a willingness to work alongside authoritative bodies to cap sheep densities and reduce deer numbers, Lochrosque Estate is focussed on tackling climate change and eliminating the threat of Biodiversity loss. By harnessing the power of carbon finance, a sustainable business model is being developed, rooted in a diverse and wide reaching array of activities.

Peatland Restoration – Through the restoration of over 1000ha of degraded peatlands, the Estate will avoid over 230,000 tonnes of carbon being emitted into the atmosphere over the next 100 years. Further phases of restoration are underway, and the residual benefits will continue to grow. By rewetting the drained areas and committing to control deer numbers, biodiversity on the land has increased, with ground nesting birds such as the Golden Plover and a wide range of invertebrates, increasing in number on the sites. Holding more water on the hill for longer has had the mutual benefit of increasing the performance of hydro schemes on the estate providing valuable additional income. Peatland in a healthy state is also a fantastic water filter and Scottish Water have seen reduced sediment through their plants since the restoration works were carried out. By validating all the schemes through the Peatland Code with support from local businesses, the Estate now has a reliable stream of carbon finance through the sale of peatland carbon units. This income stream not only funds the ongoing maintenance and monitoring requirements but can also be deployed into the estate itself to further enhance its performance. Local, sustainable, green sector jobs have been created to carry out the works and will survive long into the future.