Mount Stuart Trust

Mount Stuart Trust is at the heart of the Island of Bute community and actively involved in many sustainable projects on the island. One such project is our Lochend passiv housing a new community of ten low energy two and three bedroom houses. With community living at the development’s heart, a significant importance has been placed on prospective tenants having the drive to get involved with community-led projects at Lochend, such as creating allotments, orchards and other beneficial activities.

Designed as starter homes, each property will be available for private rent with an integral low energy design strategy keeping utilities bills to a minimum. The Trust anticipates that the mid-market rental levels and low utility bills on these homes makes them extremely attractive to prospective tenants. Working alongside local architects ARCHITECO, Mount Stuart Trust have sought to create homes of striking architectural significance. The houses have been built to Passivhaus Low Energy Building Standards, with each property highly insulated and triple glazed, meaning no traditional heating system is required. Cleverly designed, each property boasts bright and airy interiors thanks to a combination of skylights and drop height windows, which also affords uninterrupted views across the neighbouring fields and countryside. Furthermore, tenants can expect to enjoy magnificent views over Loch Ascog, leading onto the Firth of Clyde and towards Arran too.