Making Marchmont House a home for makers and creators

After a 7 year restoration, Marchmont has set it's sights on establishing itself as a home for makers and creators. Our dream is to celebrate creativity in the arts, purpose driven business and social enterprise, with a mandate to support and involve the local community.   Whilst we are open for bookable tours, events exploring creativity and have had a friends & family day with over 80 people who have lived, worked or been pupils in the House, perhaps the most exciting aspect is our engagement with the local community - our goal is to support creativity in the local area and we are doing this in a number of ways.

Marchmont was the pioneer sponsor behind the Social Enterprise - The Borders Art Fair (, re-launching an event that supports, shines a light on and nurtures local artists.  In 2019, 5,500 people attended, £150,000+ of art was sold and the event was over-subscribed.  

Another community project close to our heart was sponsoring, supporting and hosting a graduation ceremony for the Berwickshire based ReTweed charitable organisation, that offers mojo boosting sewing skills to selected women applicants in Eyemouth.  This remarkable organisation is creating positive opportunities, skills and confidence building in a rural area and it was a privilege to host them for lunch, have a tour and welcome over 60 eminent local guests for their graduation.  

Other engagements include:

- Showing 'The Chairmaker' film - commissioned by Marchmont Farms Limited, that celebrates traditional crafts in danger - in Duns Primary school. This is part of our project to continue the last rush seat chair making workshop in Britain, with two apprentices learning the trade from Lawrence Neal in Warwickshire, before moving it to the Scottish Borders in 2020.  We hope that this project will not only protect a craft at risk, provide a noble traditional craft a home but also inspire more people to value craftsmanship and making. 

- In March 2019, we hosted wasps_ studios Board, of which Director Hugo Burge is a Trustee, prior to their visit to the Borders Art Fair opening.   wasps_ studios are a charity providing the largest number of art spaces in Scotland.

Marchmont is keen to support, celebrate and nurture creativity in a variety of ways, but community engagement is a nascent but important part of our new project. 

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