Macleod Construction Ltd

MacLeod Construction Ltd, based in Argyll, specialise in timber frame construction. MacLeod Construction Ltd have specialised in rural housing projects for over 45 years and are leading experts in timber frame manufacturing. They work with communities to design and build high quality housing in rural areas. Fundamental to their approach to rural housing projects is a community focus. They prioritise a local workforce to ensure that they don’t just build houses for rural communities, they create jobs, increase skills and support developing the communities they work with.

MacLeod Construction Ltd is an NHBC registered builder, focus on high quality homes through innovative design and construction techniques. MacLeod Construction Ltd’s rural housing is designed incorporating innovative timber frame construction techniques. Timber is a versatile and high-performance construction material that is also renewable. Their timber kits are prefabricated both on and off site allowing for quick and efficient installation. Assembly line production is used in their main factory in Lochgilphead which not only increases productivity and quality it also reduces cost and waste. Offsite manufacturing also allows MacLeod Construction Ltd to tackle significant rural logistical challenges in relation to transporting on narrow roads and on ferries to the islands. The Company only use FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) approved timber from sustainable sources which allows them to buy forest products of all kinds with confidence that they are not contributing to global forest destruction and always ensure high environmental standards. The company’s chosen standard of heating for rural housing is air source. Air source heating is a renewable technology that utilises outside air temperatures offering lower fuel bills and lower carbon emissions for residents. In addition to effective heating solutions, their designs incorporate high grade insulation and reflective foils are utilised in rural housing developments to provide a high level of thermal insulation. The result being reduced heating and cooling requirements and ultimately reduced energy consumption. An example of putting innovation into practice on site for rural housing is the Dunbeg Phase 3 development for which MacLeod Construction Ltd is the main contractor. The development is the biggest social housing development in Argyll & Bute. MacLeod Construction Ltd has developed their advanced timber frame manufacturing techniques since the project started in 2019. In defining their manufacturing process for the project in 2019, they installed temporary factories to pre-assemble roofs and floors on site. Using a crane to secure these into place, reduces manual handling and working at height. The revised approach not only ensures “just in time” production of floors, roofs and associated components, but it also reduces the traffic impact in the community and on rural roads and reduces the development’s carbon footprint. In addition in this project the orientation of the buildings and window sizes have been carefully selected to maximize daylight, offering improved thermal gains and natural lighting for residents. In addition to supporting rural housing through advanced construction techniques MacLeod Construction Ltd continue to innovate their in-house quarries. They have a sand and gravel quarry and a rock quarry which combined support to make aggregates affordable locally for rural housing and other projects. Having their own local quarries reduces environmental impact of bringing in from elsewhere and creates additional employment locally. They have a joint venture with TradStocks Ltd to support distribution of the Achnaba Stone from their rock quarry and in 2019 they commenced using this unique and eye-catching stone extensively in sills, lintels, and quoins for houses. The Achnaba Stone quarried by MacLeod Construction can be seen in works in Wimbledon Tennis Club, The Natural History Museum and other high-profile locations promoting the use of Scottish rural assets across the UK. Quality and customer service are very important to MacLeod Construction Ltd. They are NHBC registered which ensures their builds are constructed to the highest of standards. In addition, to ensure consistently high standards MacLeod Construction Ltd is ISO 9001 accredited and working towards ISO 14000 accreditation. To ensure a customer focus each rural housing development has a dedicated manager to liaise with the clients before, during and after completion. Tommy MacQuade, Principal Surveyor, Morham and Brotchie Chartered Quantity Surveyors said of MacLeod Construction: “We have worked with MacLeod Construction since their inception, recently we have been specifically engaged with the company on contracts to deliver affordable rural housing in Argyll on very challenging sites in Cairnbaan, Kilmartin. Connel, Jura and Tarbert. MacLeod Construction have played a pivotal role in delivering these rural houses through their use of innovative in- house timber frame construction techniques both at the Lochgilphead factory and on individual and challenging site developed. These innovative ideas have been developed by their inhouse team to tackle the specific challenges of working in the West Highlands and Islands and Atlantic rim. Speed and quality of construction has been vastly improved as a result and we have managed to produce Scottish Government Silver Standard energy efficient affordable housing at benchmark as a direct result of MacLeod Construction’s input. Attention to detail in terms of whole house lifecycle, future maintenance and repair, Health and Safety and Well Being has been demonstrated to the highest quality both in terms of the pre-contract design process and on-site delivery. What I Like most about MacLeod Construction is that they are always looking under stones to find new things, they never stand sill and are always innovating adapting and improving. They are hugely inquisitive and very successful as a result.” Pictures attached of developments in Tighnabruich, Port Ellen on Islay and Dunbeg.