Logie Timber

Logie Timber is a timber business based on Logie Estate near Forres which manages the ‘full circle’ of the life of a tree, with a particular emphasis on local wood, both softwood and hardwoods, and with special interest in the latter. A partnership between Alec Laing (who runs and owns Logie Estate  with his family) and Mark Councill (who owns and runs CleanCut Forestry), Logie Timber are able to  fell and extract trees, mill the timber, finish the timber, undertake replacement planting for the tree  felled, and also advise on wood uses and connect you to wood craftsmen to take on your project or  teach you how to progress it yourself.

Logie Timber aims to create a legacy where wood tells a story and builds on sustainable Scottish woodland by harnessing high quality local timber and managing its source wisely. After purchasing their first mill in 2017 with financial assistance from the Forest Grant Scheme, in 2018 the partners successfully applied to the LEADER funding programme enabling them to obtain a Frame Saw, Planer and wide belt sander to increase products and production and solar panels to offset electricity usage. The sawmill building started construction in 2017 at the sawmill yard on Logie Estate, built by local craftsman Henry Fosbrooke. Taking 12 months to construct using scribe-fit traditional techniques, the frame is constructed from Scots Pine from Logie Estate, with the external frame beautifully crafted from local Douglas Fir and Larch. The main building houses the sawmill and processing machines and offers indoor drying space for wood prior to kilning. 

During the inaugural Logie Timber Festival on 4th & 5th May 2019, the new showroom was opened, The Boardroom at Logie Steading, which acts as a shop front for the range of local woods produced at the sawmill. This room which is part of the renowned Logie Steading, which houses a broad range of local individual businesses,  hosts a magnificent table carved with the route of the River Findhorn. You can also find timber suitable for furniture, turning blanks and offcuts, mantle pieces and table tops. This is a tremendous example of a new young business utilizing the land and facilities provided by Logie Estate and the services and expertise of CleanCut Forestry, coming together to collaboratively produce a product with a story and a legitimate core theme of sustainability which tells the story of local timber.