Living the Ice Cream Dream

January 2005 is where it all began.  Growing up on a farm we are faced with every day challenges leading us on a rollercoaster ride of a journey through life!  Here on Killoch Farm we have been breeding our Award Winning Herd of Ayrshire Cattle for 5 generations now, with Dad – Hugh at the reigns.  Ayrshire Cattle are proven to have a higher yield in butterfat and protein, hence the reason it has always been Dad’s dream to put his Creamy milk to good use… His childhood dream… Ice Cream.

Converting our old farm stables, Dad set to work learning and building his new Ice Cream Factory vision.  It wasn’t long until production was under way with only Dad and Production Manager Jim to get things started.  A mix of knowledge of Farming and Nutrition values, and mechanical engineering. Using approximately 100 Litres of our Ayrshire Cattle Milk per week, once marketed, the business started to take off.  Now, 2019 we use over 2500 litres of milk per week during peak Season!

We are very fortunate to have our Ice Cream Factory based on our own farm premises.  This allows us to lift our milk straight from our Dairy while it is still at body temperature, which can then go straight into our own Pasteuriser, ensuring we maintain the highest level of nutrition and protein goes into our end product.  Our Creamy milk is by far our prize ingredient and is what sets us apart from other producers, and it is this which gives our Ice Cream it’s Unique, Creamy, Mouth feel and taste!  We can turn milk into Ice Cream and have it delivered to customers all within 12 hours!  You cannot get any fresher than that!

Woody’s Ice Cream is produced to sell to the Public, Hospitality, Retail, Events and Weddings!  Our business is growing very quickly each year, with the exciting demand of our products to keep us going.  We get many tourists travelling as far as Canada to stop past our Farm to hear our story of our Ayrshire Cattle and to sample some of our delicious Ice Cream.  Unfortunately though, for some, we are too remote to get too.  This lead us to our next dream of opening our very own Ice cream Parlour and Dessert Bar in the heart of Mauchline in 2018.  Robert Burn’s home town has a great footfall of tourists, which is great for us to share our products with too.

Moving forward, the goal is to increase production and to be able to use all of our Milk produced from our Cows.  At present the remaining Milk we do have from our cows goes to a Cheese making company, again which is also great as we know our milk is so rich.  All of our family members are now involved in our business which is lovely, however it shows the knowledge and passion we have as a team all involved in the start to finish products we make!