Kula Coffee Hut on Duffus Estate

Kula Coffee is a purposely designed shepherds hut on Duffus Estate, offering high quality barista coffee, speciality tea and home baking at Duffus Castle. After the shock of closing our holiday accommodation in March 2020, we quickly recognised the increase in visitors to the castle and knew we had to capitalise on this. Every aspect of this project has been thought about to ensure it is sustainable and low impact as well as Covid compliant. We are also focussed on supporting other local businesses whilst offering our customers the best take-away experience - a true brew with a view.

Our holiday property business cashflow was severely impacted in 2020 and 2021, due to lockdowns and continuing Covid restrictions. Whilst maintaining our newly launched, but barely open eco-cabin, we saw an opportunity to diversify our offering by opening a coffee hut, Kula Coffee, at Duffus Castle, due to the increased visitors to the site. The concept for Kula is in line with our eco cabin - low environmental impact whilst offering the best quality experience. This is our first time selling food and drink at Duffus and we have worked hard to create a viable business which can operate successfully and safely within the ever changing restrictions. We have had to engage with the rigorous requirements for food safety in the new Covid-19 environment and have planned for social distancing to be in place for the future, so any new restrictions should not impact our business. We have learned to place orders well in advance to avoid any undue delays. To help wider business resilience we specifically chose local suppliers for every aspect of Kula, from preparing the site to sourcing our espresso machine. Our coffee is supplied by a coffee roaster a few miles away, and we use locally produced food and drink wherever possible. We launched in May 2021 and have built up a loyal customer base, whilst employing 4 local baristas and building a profitable business. Kula Coffee Hut has become a focal point for the local community to meet and socialise in a safe environment.