Hudson Hirsel

Hudson Hirsel was established by Douglas and Angus Estates in 2010 as an “in-house” development company to create a conservation style community on the outskirts of the Hirsel Estates in Coldstream. After ten years, this “startup” company has become an award-winning housebuilder with a multi-million-pound turnover.

The aim of Douglas and Angus Estates at the outset, by creating the development company Hudson Hirsel, was to build a community which would leave a positive long term legacy of well designed, well built and environmentally sound homes, rather than a suburban sprawl which can be seen in many other parts of the country. Whilst the rural housing market has been frequently fickle and maintaining positive cash flow has been a challenge, the biggest challenge has been to overcome shortages in skilled tradesmen and pushing supply chains which have a perception of providing preference to larger developers.

To overcome the skills challenge, Hudson Hirsel has worked extremely hard to establish a loyal team of tradesmen who have delivered the homes which, we are confident, will complete the desired legacy. Hudson Hirsel has also overcome the financial challenge of providing over 20 affordable homes without financial support from either local or central government. Despite these challenges Hudson Hirsel has built energy efficient, high quality and design inspiring homes.