Grewar Farming - Retailing & Vending

Euan Grewar, in partnership with his extended family, farms on a large scale with owned land in Angus and the Black Isle and thousands of acres farmed on rental agreements and Contract Farming Agreements in between. Cereals and potatoes are the main farming enterprises.

With much of their produce sold on single supply contracts, they have historically been at the mercy of the main commodity markets. Over the past five or so years the business has taken steps to change that by adding value to a small proportion of their annual crop.

First came the potato vending machines which also stock other fruit and vegetables sourced from local farmers. These were first sited at a few of their farm steadings but since then sites within the main shopping centres in Dundee and Perth have been secured. This venture has offered employment opportunities as stocking the range of vending machines located around Angus and Perthshire can be a full-time job at certain times of the year. Next came the farm shop at Dronley which sells a huge range of local produce.

Euan is mindful of the fact that soil is a finite resource. This has led to the experiment in hydroponics with a small-scale system set up within traditional farm buildings (that are no longer suitable for modern farming) at Dronley growing lettuce and the like to stock the farm shop. This is an area that he has targeted for growth with further investment likely.