Green Energy at Macphie

Glenbervie Estate

Situated just south of Stonehaven, Glenbervie Estate is home to the Macphie family and their group of businesses. The Macphie enterprises all look to reduce their impact on the environment and to reduce the carbon footprint of the businesses.

In July 2015 Macphie Wind erected two 4.6mW Enercon E70 wind turbines on a hill opposite the Macphie ingredients factories and offices. At present, 30% of the power generated is used to power the Macphie production site, with the remaining 70% of the power generated put into the grid.

The turbines have reduced the site’s electricity bill by 70% and therefore decreased the dependence on fossil fuels which reduces the company’s CO2 emissions by over 2,000 tonnes a year.

There is also a biomass plant on site. Macphie was the first manufacturer in the UK to produce food ingredients using green energy from locally sourced wood chips. The 1.2mW boiler produces over two tonnes of steam an hour which is then funnelled into the development kitchen to be used for cooking food products and also provides heat to the large glasshouse in the Macphie garden. The boiler has an 11-bar pressure setting and uses 70 tonnes of woodchips every week. The chips are locally sourced and have a moisture content of 35%.

Chairman of Macphie Alastair Macphie commented: ‘We are proud that Macphie has taken steps to help reduce its impact on the environment. The benefits of embracing renewable energy have been incredible. Not only has this contributed to our BCorp certification, confirming our position as a socially responsible business, but financially we have a combined heat and power saving of around 15% per annum.’

The heating system is a 1.2mW boiler which produces 7.8million kW hours every year. The woodchips used to fuel the biomass system come from sustainable sources and Macphie plants 30,000 trees on the estate every year – which is over 1.3million trees since planting began in 1973.