Finzean Estate Partnership

Run as a partnership by brothers Donald and Andrew Farquharson, the estate stretches across nearly 10,000 acres of farmland, hill, and woodland, and includes 40 properties and seven very long-term tenanted farms. At the time of the announced lockdown, the Estate decided that it would immediately change its Farm Shop business to food delivery, collection and restricted food shopping.

Despite the logistical challenges, the business didn't close for one day, being able to provide valuable employment but also a much needed food delivery service (provided free of charge to the local community and nearby care homes) to anyone who needed but especially the elderly and other higher risk groups. It also gave an opportunity to support local suppliers and small producers, who had lost in particular their restaurant customer base.

Elsewhere, tradespeople who were able to operate within government guidelines were given employment in a variety of areas such as property maintenance and upgrade. The Estate continued to support the local community bodies throughout with continuous engagement and occasional financial support.