Fenton Barns Nursery


Fenton Barns Nursery was set up in 2012 to provide a unique environment incorporating developments in outdoor learning and healthy lifestyles for all ages. The children spend almost all day outside and have a fantastic outdoor setting, which the children and staff have developed together. The main areas for outside include; eco garden, woodland, fire pit, sand pit, loose parts and construction areas, mud hill, large green areas for imaginative play and physical development areas.

The staff are committed to engaging children in the benefits of being outdoors and we run a extensive training programme for all our staff. The feedback from children, parents and staff is amazing and our waiting list is very long. The demand for the combination of outdoor learning, home-cooked meals, provision of nappies / creams / all weather suits / sun hats and general ethos of making life easy as possible for parents has proved to be very popular. We have an on site kitchen, kitchen garden and chef who work with the children to develop menus and use food that the children have grown in our extensive garden space. We have strong links with our local community, through parental involvement and Eco Schools (recently awarded our green flag for the 2nd time) including looking after and engaging with our environment locally (the children love our litter picking visits to the beach!).

Learning is all child led, we use floor books for planning and observations and have electronic journals for parents to engage in their learning. Feedback from multi primary schools has been fantastic about readiness for school and confidence of children at this important transitional stage. 

All children at Fenton Barns Nursery learn through play as a fundamental principle. All children are involved in all decisions for structure of the day and any activities they may wish to take part in based in the outdoor setting and free flow from the indoors.

We have clear links to the curriculum for each age group and children have the opportunity to take part in all specific areas set up with the outdoor environment. Staff are confident in guiding children if they need engagement or support in any activities. Areas are assessed on a daily basis and different resources can be introduced as the children see fit.  Safety and security for children and staff is very thorough and a priority for our management team at all times.

Unique to the area, Fenton Barns Nursery has proven to be a huge hit with children, families, local business and communities. We are particularly excited about our latest event, designed to help make the lives of our parents easier as well as foster an even stronger healthy eating ethos - we are putting on an evening with the famous 'The Batch Lady' (if you've not yet discovered her, look her up on social media!) who will show our parents, and members of the local community, her secrets to batch cooking and saving time whilst also preparing wholesome family meals.

Here are just a couple of testimonials from our parents:

"As parents we are delighted as every single member of the nursery team seem to take great pride in their work and provide a very secure and loving environment for the kids. Most important the kids love the staff. That say’s it all!"

"I can't fault your service"

"Your communication is excellent, please keep doing what you are doing."