Education in the Angus Glens

The Angus Glens Moorland Group have hosted various estate visits, engaging with local primary and secondary schools through their initiative #estateswhoeducate. 

60 students in total have been welcomed onto the estates in Angus, where they have gained an insight into life on a working sporting estate. Through practical demonstrations and exercises, the pupils have learnt a better understanding of why sheep are used on the hills, the dangers posed by tick borne diseases such as Lyme disease, and the connection of tweed, from hill to hill. They even had a go at shearing!

They had practical demonstrations, of legal traps used for predation control, followed by a tour of the hill to spot the array of wildlife that thrives on the moors due to these practices. The students also enjoyed demonstrations with our working dogs, learning their purpose and values as part of our teams. 

The students have covered topics such as fishing and biodiversity, where they gained a good understanding of how to set a fishing rod up and have a go at casting, learning the sport of fishing in a safe, enjoyable and environmentally responsible manner by watching practical demonstrations and taking part in group exercises. 

The students were also given an insight into the countryside, the benefits of moorland management and the wildlife which thrives on our moors in Angus. With the help of our scientist friends from the Game Conservancy Deutschland e.V., they learnt how to identify various species of wildlife through sight and sound on a tour of Glen Moy with our gamekeepers.

On the final week they enjoyed an up-close experience that allowed them to see red deer in their natural environment in the wild, as well as meeting and learning the traditions of our working hill ponies. Again they experienced practical demonstrations and a tour of a working larder including butchery demonstration on a deer carcass with an informative talk on biodiversity.

They also had the chance to participate in a clay shooting experience, with certified instructors from BASC Scotland, supported by the Scottish Youth & the Countryside Education Trust (SYCET). Finally they finish the experience with a wild cooking experience, in association with Gamechanger BBQ, where they enjoyed a taste of the glens with freshly prepared game produce sourced from the local estates.